Another high tech in the kitchen suggestion! Here is a great, easy-to-follow tutorial on how to store internet recipes using Google’s bookmarking feature. The Simple Mom uses her Delicious account, along with Google, to help her do meal planning – more on that later. Use Google Bookmarks instead Delicious.

Why Google Bookmarks?

Well . . . its a no-brainer:

  1. Easy to use with Google Calendar to plan meals
  2. Its an alternative to Delicious

How to store your recipes in Google Bookmarks:

1. Open a Gmail account. Having an account only for your recipes might be easier in the long run. [Its free]

2. Download the Google Toolbar (Firefox is great for this task ).

3. There are two ways to bookmark a site.

  • Method 1–Click the Blue Star on the toolbar. If you have your labels, you simply click on the Blue Star again to display the Labels drop-down menu. Select or create your label.
  • Method 2 — Click the word “Bookmarks” on the Toolbar. A drop-down menu appears with options to fill out.

4. Categorize bookmarks by Labels. One idea is to Label by meal courses (like breakfast, lunch, dessert).

5. If you want to further organize your recipes, click on the Blue Star and select New Label. Use multiple labels to organize by ingredients such as dessert, chocolate, pudding.

6. Creating more labels is easy if you still have the original bookmarked page open. Click Bookmarks on the Toolbar, then choose Edit This Bookmark. If you have closed the page, then go to your Google Bookmarks page. Click on the gray down arrow on the right side of the page (next to the date). Choose Modify Label. Then type in additional labels separated by commas.

7. To find a recipe, make sure your Bookmarks window is open. Then click in the Search Bookmarks box. Type in either the course (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert etc) or an ingredient (chocolate, pudding).

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