Go high tech in the kitchen! The Simple Mom has a great, easy-to-follow tutorial on how to store internet recipes on the bookmarking site, Delicious. She uses her Delicious account, along with Google, to help her do meal planning – more on that later.

Using the net saves space, eases clutter, and helps keep that kitchen more organized.

Why Delicious?

For The Simple Mom its well . . . simple:

  1. Other people can find your recipes, so you’re able to easily share your favorites.
  2. You’re promoting other people’s good stuff they’ve posted on the internet, which more than likely took them time and work.”

How to store your recipes in Delicious:

The Simple Mom says do this . . .

1. Open an account. [Its free]

2. Download the toolbar (Firefox is great for this task ).

3. Click the “TAG” button on the toolbar when you find a recipe you want to keep.

4. Enter the recipe tags in the pop-up window; use whatever tags are meaningful to you. One idea is to tag for category (like breakfast, lunch, dessert) and also tag by ingredients (such as chocolate, pudding).

5. If you want to further organize your recipes, use bundles. Click on “create a bundle” off to the right-hand side. Then name your bundle like “my recipes” or “cookbook.”

6. Highlight all the tags you want inserted into this bundle.

7. To find a recipe, sign in to your Delicious account, click on your recipe box, and select the tags you need.


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